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Early Spring Blooming Perennials for Shade

Here are some more beautiful perennials that we love for Utah and that we have in our nursery:

Brunnera - Brunnera macrophylia

Brunnera produces beautiful tiny blue flowers resembling Forget-Me-Nots in early spring.

  • Thrives in shady areas with less than 4 hours of sun per day.
  • Attractive heart-shaped green and silver foliage makes this plant stand out in the garden, even after it’s finished blooming.
  • Grows 1-2’ tall and wide

Lungwort - Pulmonaria spp.

Like Brunnera, Lungwort is also a shade lover best suited for shady north-facing beds. East-facing beds that receive some morning sun and are also suitable.

Lungwort is low maintenance and works well as a border plant.

  • Has beautiful clusters of petite blue, pink, of purple blossoms.
  • This plant’s name is derived from its foliage – the green leaves with speckled silver splotches is said to resemble a diseased lung.
  • Grows about 1-2’ tall wide.

Bleeding Hearts - Dicentra spectabilis

This plant’s iconic heart-shaped blossoms have enamored gardeners for generations. Bleeding Hearts work great in shade gardens accompanied by summer and fall blooming perennials.

  • The blooms come in pink, white, or red depending on variety.
  • Prefers cool and shady areas.
  • Bleeding Hearts become dormant in late spring or early summer due to Utah’s extreme heat.
  • Grows to 2-3’ tall and wide.


Shannon Cavalero – Operations Manager

Landscape Supply of Utah Draper

Image(s) credit: Shannon Cavalero

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