Medium Flagstone Chips 1-2″ Minus


Our medium flagstone chips do not come with fines, but hold the same porous properties and high calcium levels. The medium sized chips work best as stone mulch, in xeriscaping projects and around fire pits. You might even find fossil if you’re lucky!

This product is sold in 1 yard increments only on our website. If you would like to purchase 1/2 yard, please call us to place your order.

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These flat chips are rose and tan colored and are made from ancient sediment layers that have hardened into stone. Flagstone Chips are quarried in Utah are made from larger flagstone that is crushed and then screened. The finished product is primarily a stone product with very little fines in it. The rock can be rinsed or let lawn and shrub sprinklers or rainstorms will bring out the natural colors in it.

It is normal for our stone to include very small percentages of sand, silt and clay. The rock can be rinsed or let rainstorms clean the rock to bring out the natural colors. The small Flagstone Chips product is perfect for pathways and driveways, RV pads, as well as Patios and fire pit areas. The material is a great economical alternative to concrete for hot tub pads as you can walk comfortably on the product in bare feet. The small material is made up of 3/4 inch pieces down to stone dust. The flat angular shapes of the material fit tightly together to provide a smooth flat surface that is much more economical than asphalt or concrete. It has additional benefit in its ability to absorb water during rain, without creating mud.

Please Note– We recommend that you look at this product in person before ordering. None of our rock products are “washed” but they are screened to size and they could be dusty or contain some fines. This is natural rock and colors can fluctuate slightly across different veins in the mountain. Over time, even the same rock source may have slightly different colors.

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