Plum Cobble Rock 4-8″


Oak Creek Plum Cobble come from the Delta Utah area. It has beautiful earth tone with a Purple accent. This rock is 100% cobble. It is double screened product, so come fairly clean.

(2 yards minimum for delivery)

  • Decorative river rock stone
  • Striking color in purples, reds and greens
  • Good as a ground cover
  • Used in water features, or as an accent
  • For best coverage spread 6″ deep over top a weed barrier
  • Works well in both wet and dry landscape applications
  • Pairs well with larger cobble or boulders for natural landscapes
  • Nice for dry river beds
  • Park strips

Our Plum Cobble Rock is a beautiful rounded decorative river cobble with light and dark gray, blue, purple and brown hues. It looks fantastic in ponds and in flower beds. This rock compliments bright colored foliage.


At times, this rock can contain river bed fines. We try to avoid pockets of this material when it’s loaded but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Because this is more of an expensive product, we would ask that you come to our yard to look at samples and make sure that you know what you are getting.  Sizing and color can be very different in person than on your computer screen. It is a natural rock and can vary in color and size from time to time.

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