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This is a screened, coarse sand that is perfect for leveling underneath pavers, stepping stones and flagstone. It helps prevent shifting and breaking of expensive stone. It also promotes drainage. This sand is screened to 3/16 of an inch.

(2 yards minimum for delivery)

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Note: If using under pavers or flagstone, it is usually best to have a base layer of fractured rock or road base. The sand will go on top of of the base layer for leveling.

  • Screened sand for leveling beneath pavers
  • Helps prevent shifting and breakage of pavers
  • Bedding Sand for bedding pipes
  • Screened to 3/16″
  • Medium coarse
Approximate Weight per cubic yard (loose): 2,400 lbs (1.2 tons)

Depending on how tightly you compact it, compaction could require up to 20% – 30% more sand.

This product must be placed at 1″ depth MINIMUM.

Common uses: Compactable sand for use under pavers, flagstone, etc. It also works as bedding sand for pipes.

Common installation practices– This is a coarse sand screened 3/16″ minus down to fines. Typically a 1″ layer is used when going on top of road base and approximately a 2″ layer when going over gravel for paver patios.

Please Note– We recommend that you look at this product in person before ordering. None of our rock products are “washed” but they are screened to size and they could be dusty or contain some fines. This is natural rock and colors can fluctuate slightly across different veins in the mountain. Over time, even the same rock source may have slightly different colors.
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