Topsoil – Screened


This is a 3/8″ screened topsoil. It works great under sod or to fill low spots (less than 6″ deep) or low areas in landscaping.

(2 yards minimum for delivery)



This is a naturally occurring product that can vary with amount of small rocks. It is screened to 3/8” which means anything smaller than 3/8” can go through the screen.

This soil is not recommended for garden bed or flower bed soil. Screened top soil is usually used under sod. If you’re looking to replace your native soil with better soil, please take a look at our composts and enriched topsoil. All the screened top soil in the entire Salt Lake Valley is high in clay content. While clay is necessary for moisture retention, it is best if you break it up with composts to help with drainage and supply nutrition. If you would like to amend your native soil, please check out some of the organic composts that will serve these purposes.

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