Landscape Supply of Utah Draper Utah

Paver Sand, Play Sand, Fill Sand and Road Base

We deliver paver sand, playground sand and road base to your location on the Wasatch Front

  • Play sand is perfect for filling your kid’s sandbox
  • Road base is a great, cost effective alternative to asphalt
  • Paver sand is perfect for leveling patios and setting flagstone

Paver Sand

Landscape Supply of Utah delivers screened, coarse sand that is perfect for leveling underneath pavers, stepping stones and flagstone. It helps prevent shifting and breaking of expensive stone. It also promotes drainage. This sand is screened to 3/16 of an inch.

Paver sand is a compactable sand, used under paver patios and flagstone, for pathways and is also used as a leveling sand or bedding sand. This sand will compact and get hard over time and is not recommended for sand boxes or kids play areas.

Play Sand

Play Sand is a fine and formable, which works great in sand boxes. This sand works well around playground equipment and horse shoe pits. Use this sand to blend with hard clay soils.

Our beach-like play sand is very soft and works great in playground areas, sand boxes, fire pit areas and recreation areas. Kids and “grown up kids” love this stuff! It is soft on skin and bare feet and is easy to walk on. Turn your back yard into a beach area today!

Road Base

Road base is used as a base layer under many projects. It is a mixture of fractured rock, sand and soils. It is a great material when you need high compaction under patios, concrete, asphalt, pavers, etc. Other rocks and gravels can be placed over the top of this after it is compacted.

Road base is meant to have concrete or asphalt or another type of harder surface put over the top of it.  If left without a cover, it can become muddy and sticky when wet. Road base is one of the densest products and is much heavier per cubic yard than many products.

Landscape Supply of Utah Draper Utah
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