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The Secret to healthy lawns in Utah is quality compost and topsoil.

Nutrient-filled landscaping topsoil in Utah builds the foundation for stunning lawns and gardens. Landscape Supply of Utah provides premium compost and topsoil blends for improving basic growing conditions in your yard. Whether you are cultivating a garden of bright annual flowers or a lush vegetable nursery, we are here to help you realize your gardening dreams.

Get the topsoil or compost product your project requires, delivered to your home or business.

Organic Compost

Quality garden compost creates an ideal growing environment for plants as it encourages biodiversity in the soil. That means the soil attracts beneficial elements, including insects, which discourage weed growth and pest infestation.

Our Utah garden compost features a special blend of bark fines, black peat and steer manure that’s treated to lower the salt content. We use top-grade materials when creating our compost products — no garbage, weeds or plastic!

Our goal is to help make your gardening and landscaping experiences enjoyable, rewarding and successful!

Healthy Topsoil

The need for healthy topsoil is far greater in Utah than in other areas because our soil here has low levels of organic matter.

Landscape Supply of Utah offers scientifically formulated and developed composts and topsoil blends that provide soil-amending properties, improve moisture retention and nutrient levels. We provide the finest-quality gardening products in Utah, from topsoil to organic compost and beyond, so you can have a healthy base for growing the plants you love.

Landscape Supply of Utah Draper Utah
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