Gravel and Cobble Create
Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Decorative Gravel and Cobble for Your Garden and Yard

Landscape Supply of Utah is a top provider of quality landscaping rocks – cobble, gravel, river rock, flagstone and boulders. Our decorative rocks make landscape designs more attractive while performing functions such as forming steps, creating benches and more.

Our product portfolio features decorative boulders in various sizes and colors to help you choose the type that complements your garden, yard or landscape. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with our convenient delivery options.

  • The addition of gravel and cobble can turn an ordinary yard into something special
  • From basic xeriscapes to extraordinary Japanese rock gardens, we can accomplish the designed look and function you want.
  • If we don’t have the rock you are after, our designers know where to get it.

Boulders and rocks come in handy for those looking to build minimalist outdoor spaces or have no time to maintain lawns and gardens. Beautiful and multi-functional, rocks offer endless possibilities for any landscaping project.

Appealing and Interesting Landscapes

  • Use decorative Utah gravel rocks, cobblestones and boulders to break up the monotony in your yard and create visual interest in a landscape.
  • Combined with softer elements such as plants and grass, rocks create aesthetic contrast and focal points.
  • Rocks are perfect when looking to create a space for calm, quiet and meditation. If you want to create a Zen garden, we have ideas for you!

Beautiful and Functional

  • Use rocks and boulders to build retaining walls, create garden terraces or establish borders for a patio, garden or pool area.
  • Use flagstone and rocks to form special pathways or add an interesting touch to otherwise plain steps.
  • Use rocks to provide structure to ponds or waterfall features.
  • Use stone slabs and boulders to create unique and interesting benches.

Whether you need decorative rocks to add a sculpted look to your landscaping, build a water-wise xeriscape or create a beautiful border for your garden or pool area, we have the materials and knowledge to help you manifest your dream yard.

Call us at (801) 816-9104 today to learn more about our decorative rocks and boulders or to book a delivery.

Products are sold in 1 yard increments only on our website. If you would like to purchase 1/2 yard, please call us to place your order. (2 yards minimum for delivery)

We deliver from Bountiful to Provo. If you live outside this area, please call us before you place your order.

If you want same-day or next-day delivery, please call us before you place your your order.

Delivery cost is based on your delivery zip code.

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