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Landscape Supply of Utah has everything you need for a beautiful DIY yard!

We have 35+ years of expertise working with Utah businesses and homeowners.

When it comes to designing beautiful yards, our team are more than just experts, they’re really the “Geek Squad” of all things plants and landscaping. Our dedicated staff loves to share their passion with the many DIY customers looking for advice and supplies to build the perfect yard.

Bulk is loose product, delivered in small dump trucks or picked up at our yard.

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Sandstone, Champlin, Granite, Boulders, Flagstone

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Conifers, Deciduous Trees, Perennials, Grasses, Shrubs, Specimens and more

Boulders, Flagstone, Gravel, Stone, Sand, Shrubs, Trees, Weed Barrier

Did you know that you can receive a cash rebate for your water-wise landscaping project?

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Drought Tolerant Perennials for Utah

One of the most common questions we get asked as nursery professionals is what are the best drought tolerant plants for Utah. Due to our climate and elevation, plants need to be able to handle ...
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Landscape Supply of Utah Draper

Early Spring Blooming Perennials for Full Sun

Are you ready for Spring? At Landscape Supply of Utah, we are excited for the spring season and we are ready to start planting! Here are some beautiful perennials that we love for Utah and ...
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Landscape Supply of Utah Draper

Early Spring Blooming Perennials for Shade

Here are some more beautiful perennials that we love for Utah and that we have in our nursery: Brunnera – Brunnera macrophylia Brunnera produces beautiful tiny blue flowers resembling Forget-Me-Nots in early spring. Thrives in ...
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Top Soil Plus is a sandy loam soil and is custom blended with composted steer manure, composted forest products, black peat moss, Miller-gro Fiber (steer paunch) and pumice. This is a excellent blend for those trying to level off existing lawns and plant new seeds! #topsoil
Our organic compost is a combination of composted forest products, composted alfalfa, by-grain products, Miller-gro Fiber, black peat and composted straw. It is custom-blended for high biodiversity in microbes. #organiccompost #compost
Ice Plant - Delosperma spp.
This low growing succulent-like plant works great as a ground cover, but it can also be used in rock gardens or as a filler plant in boulder retaining walls. It produces vibrant daisy-like blooms in a variety of neon colors throughout the summer and grows only 3” tall and 12-18” wide. #iceplant #xeriscapeutah  #desertplants
The Sombrero Salsa Red Coneflower - Echinacea x ‘Balsomsed’
The Sombrero Salsa Coneflower has brilliant red blooms that add striking pops of color to any garden. It grows only 24-26” tall and 16-22” wide and has a more compact form which gives it a neater appearance. This variety is also one of the most drought tolerant and cold hardy varieties available making it perfect for Utah’s climate. #droughttolerantplants  #xeriscapeutah
The Colorado Gold Treasure Flower - Gazania linearis
The Colorado Gold Treasure Flower is an extremely hardy and tough Gazania that can handle our cold winters and sweltering summers.  It produces showy daisy-like yellow blooms from late spring through summer.  Growing only 3-6” tall and 12” wide, this a great drought-tolerant option for rock walls or for use as a border plant in small spaces.
 #droughttolerantplants  #xeriscape #desertplants
Our Topsoil Plus is fantastic for using in your grow boxes. Order topsoil now on our website.

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