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A combination of composted forest products, composted alfalfa, by-grain products, Miller-gro Fiber, black peat and composted straw. Custom blended for high biodiversity in microbes.

This product is sold in 1 yard increments only on our website. If you would like to purchase 1/2 yard, please call us to place your order.

(2 yards minimum for delivery)

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Our premium organic compost is a dark colored top dressing mulch. Its made of a blend of composted forest products and black mountain peat moss. This adds organic matter and nutrients to rebuild depleted soils.

  • This product  is a highly nutrient rich compost.
  • Darker (almost black color) is great for topdressing to add that desirable dark top dressed appearance to planting beds.
  • Mix 1″ into every 4″ of soil for a great composted amendment.
  • Great for breaking down heavy soils.
  • This product does not contain soil do not plant directly into it.

Proper Usage as a Top Dressing: Spread about a 2″ – 3″ layer over top of the existing garden area and around plants.

Proper Usage tilling into soil: Spread about a 2″ layer over the top of the existing soil and then proceed to till into soil about 3″ – 4″ deep. This will add life to the soil with high biodiversity of the microbes.

*Product size and color may vary from pictures. We recommend that customers come and look at the products in person prior to ordering.

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